I have been a craft person since I can remember. For me being in a studio or workshop surrounded by tools and making things is paradise.


I started making jewelry as a hobby back in high school, and I continued even during college (Dentist). Then after years, I came to realize, thanks in good part to my husband´s encouragement, that my true happiness was in the Arts. I started studying again what was in my heart—everything related to art. And just recently, 2017, after we moved to North Carolina, USA, it's when I started making jewels as a professional business (hapiness!) 


In this endeavor, I was fortunate to meet and share with people who have helped me, encouraged me and guided me in the path that I chose for a living and that I plan to continue as long as life lets me.


As a Jewelry Designer and as an Instructor, I'll give you on every jewel I'll make and every technique I'll teach, a piece of me with the same happiness, passion, and gratitude I feel about my life.  

                                                                                     Vivian Blanco

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