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   Although my formal title is “Jewelry Designer”, I like to think of myself as a sculptor. I even call my pieces “wearable sculptures”, as I make each of them by hand, one by one. I design each of them not only to make you look great, but to make a statement. A statement in balance, between complexity and simplicity, and in imperfect harmony.


   I have considered myself an artist since I was very little. Always  creating something out of paper, clay, or wood in my home country of Venezuela was one of my favorite activities, and using my parent’s tools was more exciting to me than playing with dolls. 


   Then I grew up.  I had to get a “real career” so I became….. a dentist.  For a brief period in my life that’s what I did, but I found out very quickly that it wasn’t for me (sorry mom and dad, and God bless all dentists!).


   Which is why more than a decade ago I decided to pursue what was natural for me: CREATING. 


   I became an artist. It was a very scary decision at first, I’m not going to lie.  But every step I took, from formally studying Fused Glass, Metalsmith, and Pottery, I felt certain I was moving closer to my true passion.


   Today I have the privilege of doing what I love from my new home in Cary, North Carolina:   Creating wearable sculptures with my own hands, and loving every second of it!


Vivian Blanco

Wearable Sculptures Designer

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