General Information

Hello future student! here you will find information all about jewelry making classes. 

This jewelry course has a very hands-on approach, which seeks to spark creativity in every student and allows them to start creating their own designs from the very first class. 

No previous experience is required.

Minimum 3 students and a maximum of 6 students per class. (You will need to create your own group of friends and/or relatives, but that will be an easy job when you show them all the beautiful jewels they can learn how to make).

Adults and kids (10 years old and up) are welcome!

Materials and Tools

For every class, your group will need: tools, wires and beads.


Tools: All the tools will be provided in class with no extra charge.

The basic tools are pliers (chain nose, bent nose, round nose), flush cutter, polishing cloth, wire wrapping mandrel,  micro torch, and a butane gas canister.


Wires: you can buy them  in class or bring your owns.

The basic wires are: .999 and half hard round argentium silver, and half hard round 14K goldfilled. Gauge 20, 22, 24 and 26. 

Beads: you can buy them in class or bring your owns.

The basic beads are pearls, crystals, and semi-precious stones. From 4mm to 15mm.


Days and Times

Each class can be of a minimum of 1 hour (60 minutes) or up to a maximum of 3 hours (180 minutes).


Days: from Monday to Friday (subject to availability)

Hours: from 10 am to 8 pm


There are no classes during the weekends. 


You choose the location and I will go there ready to teach! 

I'm willing to drive up to 15 miles around my area (27519), anything farder we will need to talk to find a way! 

Fees and Payments

Cost Per Student:

Group of 3 or 4 students:

1 hour (60 minutes) class: $40

1 1/2 (90 minutes) class: $54

2 hours (120 minutes) class: $72

2 1/2 (150 minutes) class: $90

3 hours (180 minutes) class: $108

Cost per Student:

Group of 5 or 6 students:

1 hour (60 minutes) class: $36

1 1/2 (90 minutes) class: $49

2 hours (120 minutes) class: $65

2 1/2 (150 minutes) class: $81

3 hours (180 minutes) class: $97

Payment accepted: cash, debit, credit.

Now, do you want to see some of the jewels you will learn how make? 

click here!


Do you want to register or have more questions? 



"This course is excellent, you learn to make pieces so beautiful that I never thought I could make them. She motivates you and explain very well."


"The way Vivian explain all becomes easy and I feel eager to move forward. Today with the acquired knowledge I started my own business from the comfort of my home".

" I greatly appreciate having had the wonderful opportunity to learned with such a kind person, who mastered this art and also knows how to shared in he clearest way possible".

"Vivian is a good person, very professional and dedicated entirely to teach us, besides was great to meet and shared with colleagues. I had so much fun".